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about me | 

I’m Sara, a natural light, lifestyle family photography who specializes in documenting everyday moments and connections of babies, children and families. A picture speaks a thousand words and you may not have time in your busy life to write down every detail in a baby book, but you can give your child and family the gift of beautiful photos that tell your story. And that’s what I do - tell your unique story! With 15+ years experience as an early childhood educator and special educator, I’ve worked with a wide range of children and families and I love discovering and capturing the individuality of each child and family. This experience not only inspires my photography and passion for capturing childhood, but also contributes to my ability to engage children in meaningful ways and create a fun and comfortable setting for the shoot (& for parents too!!). Of course, this leads to more natural and authentic photos that capture who your child is and your connection as a family. Your relationship is everything and it’s important to document those little moments that change so quickly in childhood!

And I can’t forget my own children who inspire me every day! I live in the SF Bay Area with my husband and two young children. Although a transplant from Kentucky where I met the real Colonel Sanders as a child (and cried!), I’ve lived in the SF Bay Area for over 20 years and recently relocated to the East Bay from San Francisco. So as a parent and educator, I truly understand the ins and outs of childhood! And I would be honored to document your unique family.


about my style |

I define my style as lifestyle photography. This means that I want to capture your everyday moments and interactions and won't pose you, but may adjust things in the environment slightly to minimize distractions or provide gentle guidance. This is to either improve lighting and composition or to foster connections. My primary goal is to capture beautiful, natural, and meaningful moments, details, and connections that make your family unique. I may provide suggestions for a shared activity or a game to play together, such as reading together, a cooking project, or a dance party! Ideas will be brainstormed together prior to the shoot, but the goal is to enjoy time together as a family. As a mother and early childhood educator, I understand the full range of emotions that toddlers and children experience and am not phased by anything, so don't worry if your child doesn't want to participate or acts up. Believe me when I say, I've seen it all. Emotional shots can sometimes be the most beautiful shots. After all, that is part of who your child may be and that's ok. I strive to create images that will move you every time you look at the photos and the memories of who your child is. Your relationship as a family and with each other are everything, so let's document it! It doesn't have to be perfect and will mean so much more if it is just your natural selves!