Leaving Hearts in SF | San Francisco Lifestyle Family Photographer

'Tis the season to move! I had the honor of shooting another family session focused on documenting memories in San Francisco before a move! I understand. I first visited San Francisco at age 19 and absolutely fell in love. I knew THIS was the city I wanted to be and made it happen 2 weeks after I graduated from college. I was motivated. I had been trapped in the middle of corn fields in college in Ohio and needed urban living and SF was the city for me! And it was my home for 20 years, but everything changes when your children reach school age and you re-evaulate. I understand the need to hold on to this beautiful city and the memories made here, especially when it's the city where your children were born. Just moving from San Francisco to Oakland was hard for me emotionally, so a move across country is big. 

Before making this major transition back east, this wonderful family whom I met when our children went to preschool together, decided to document some moments together in SF. San Francisco was home for them for a long time, so I was excited to help them document the places that were most special to them! We set out for a morning adventure at Baker Beach and then on to The Palace of Fine Arts - two amazing locations and we...had...a...blast! The girls enjoyed playing and exploring and I loved capturing all of it! 

We started at Baker Beach where the clouds in the sky were incredible! All week long the weather was predicting fog (typical SF!), but we ended up with a beautiful and sunny San Francisco day - perfect for the beach! And a perfect San Francisco day to remember. The girls found all kinds of interesting places to check out and we played some fun and silly games as we made our way down the beach to the rocks.

Both parents participated in the Escape from Alcatraz Marathon, so the sand stairs were special to them after having to run up them after a long swim! So we made sure to capture some special moments there.

We made our way to the rocks and had lot of fun climbing, exploring, and later dipping toes in the ocean! Yes, it is freezing, but with the warm day, it was enticing! And the landscape here is just incredible! THIS is why I love the Bay Area, such gorgeous scenery!

Everyone enjoyed the rocks and, while a little tricky to maneuver with a camera, it was well worth it. One thing I always love to capture in any family session are the details; the little things that children notice or that are special to them such as a lovie, or adorable shoes. It's these little things that we don't want to forget as parents and that make kids, kids.

Our day was not complete without a visit to The Palace of Fine Arts,  place close to this family's heart as they lived closed by and visited frequently. And these doors are so fun and even better when you are getting a lot of love from your girls!

 I'm grateful I was introduced to this incredible family who have become good friends. I wish them the best on their journey and really hope they come back for a visit soon! And when they do, they found their ride - 80's style ;)!

Welcome to the World Baby Simon! | San Francisco Fresh 48 Photographer

Babies. For as long as I can remember, I've LOVED babies. So precious, vulnerable, and new. I've had two of my own and those early days are special, even when thoroughly exhausted from birth and meeting the many demands of a newborn. And with photography, I have the opportunity to combine two things I'm passionate about! Fresh 48 sessions are an amazing way to capture those fleeting moments that you think you will remember, but 2-3 kids later while busy parenting, those early moments quickly become jumbled and fade. What better way to hold onto those moments than through a Fresh 48 session!

I was thrilled to be able to capture Baby Simon and his family just 2 days after his birth. Our plan was for a hospital session, but he decided to take his time arriving and he and Mom were doing so well they were released early from the hospital. We opted for a session at home and included Simon's two big brothers!

Simon was welcomed into a warm, loving, and caring family. The way he gazed up at his parents (already!), calmed to his mother's touch, his father's gentle "shh," and his oldest brother's voice was amazing. The connection was strong even at 2 days old! He'd been hearing all of these voices for months and now they get to hear his!

Simon's oldest brother, now a brother twice over, jumped right in with the idea of a new baby. His other brother, however, wasn't quite as sure about giving up his spot at being the baby of the family. Being a big brother is a tough job for a two year old. Watching the moment felt raw, honest, and precious to me. His parents were extremely sensitive to all of this little guy's feelings about his new brother despite sleep-deprivation and caring for a newborn.

One thing I can never get enough with babies are the details! Such tiny features - the long fingers, all of the wrinkles, the yawns, etc. I could probably take photos of baby feet for days! And because babies change so quickly, I want to document everything, especially for new parents who are exhausted and caring for older children, too. You think you'll bring out your camera, but who really has time when a new baby arrives and is the 3rd in the family!

Welcome to the world, Simon! You are here and you are loved! And I'm thrilled I got to meet you when you were just 2 days old!

Never a Dull Moment with this Family of Four! | San Francisco Lifestyle Photographer

Jumping in the bouncy house, singing the YMCA in costume, and winding down with puzzles and a walk in their San Francisco neighborhood by the beach-- there were no dull moments during my lifestyle session with this family of four! The boys' friends, like sisters, joined in the fun, and the more the merrier! I always love to capture what is meaningful to families, so we made sure to document big brother's fascination with wanting to be in the navy - costume and all! Setting up activities helped to not only document special memories, but also kept the children engaged and enjoying themselves during the family session. This is what matters most! When kids are having fun, everyone is more relaxed and this leads to beautiful, authentic, and meaningful photos - the kind you look back on and smile from the memories created.

Moving and Creating New Memories | San Francisco Family Photographer

It’s the season of moving! So many friends are moving and starting fresh either in a new home or new city altogether. It’s been almost a year since we decided to take the leap and transition from San Francisco to Oakland. Not far, but still moving with small kids is never an easy task! And I remember the desire to capture EVERYTHING before we moved! 

I was thrilled when my friend asked me to set up a family session so that they could capture their own special memories in their first home as a family before the big move. I remember, all too well, those raw emotions - the excitement of new adventures intermingled with the sadness of leaving the home your brought your babies to from the hospital. Even more emotional when when moving to a new town! So we set out to document favorite family activities and Bernal Hill in San Francisco, where they spent a lot of time together as a family.

This adorable family is so sweet together that when I asked if anyone loved tickles the magic happened. Laughter, sweet smiles, and genuine connection - all made for some fun and meaningful memories captured.

No home session goes without activities to keep everyone engaged! So, we spent some time focusing on familiar and fun activities they wanted to remember such as playing music together and moments in the bedroom shared by the kiddos. They played guitar and sang songs, played restaurant, blew bubbles together, and we captured some solitary moments too. The educator in me is always drawn to what children are inspired by and I love those moments where a child can really be themselves  - demonstrating a full range of emotions.

And Bernal Hill could not be forgotten, a place this family spent so much time - hiking, running, exploring, and playing. A short walk from their house and they had a view of all of San Francisco and beyond, such a treasure. 

To me this photo means so much. Mom wanted a view of the city and what better way than to capture their love than a moment of reflection while looking out upon the city where their beautiful family began. So many wonderful memories for them in San Francisco, but so many new and exciting adventures to follow!