Welcome to the World Baby Simon! | San Francisco Fresh 48 Photographer

Babies. For as long as I can remember, I've LOVED babies. So precious, vulnerable, and new. I've had two of my own and those early days are special, even when thoroughly exhausted from birth and meeting the many demands of a newborn. And with photography, I have the opportunity to combine two things I'm passionate about! Fresh 48 sessions are an amazing way to capture those fleeting moments that you think you will remember, but 2-3 kids later while busy parenting, those early moments quickly become jumbled and fade. What better way to hold onto those moments than through a Fresh 48 session!

I was thrilled to be able to capture Baby Simon and his family just 2 days after his birth. Our plan was for a hospital session, but he decided to take his time arriving and he and Mom were doing so well they were released early from the hospital. We opted for a session at home and included Simon's two big brothers!

Simon was welcomed into a warm, loving, and caring family. The way he gazed up at his parents (already!), calmed to his mother's touch, his father's gentle "shh," and his oldest brother's voice was amazing. The connection was strong even at 2 days old! He'd been hearing all of these voices for months and now they get to hear his!

Simon's oldest brother, now a brother twice over, jumped right in with the idea of a new baby. His other brother, however, wasn't quite as sure about giving up his spot at being the baby of the family. Being a big brother is a tough job for a two year old. Watching the moment felt raw, honest, and precious to me. His parents were extremely sensitive to all of this little guy's feelings about his new brother despite sleep-deprivation and caring for a newborn.

One thing I can never get enough with babies are the details! Such tiny features - the long fingers, all of the wrinkles, the yawns, etc. I could probably take photos of baby feet for days! And because babies change so quickly, I want to document everything, especially for new parents who are exhausted and caring for older children, too. You think you'll bring out your camera, but who really has time when a new baby arrives and is the 3rd in the family!

Welcome to the world, Simon! You are here and you are loved! And I'm thrilled I got to meet you when you were just 2 days old!