play and connections |

As an experienced educator, I know that play is how children make sense of the world and is central to all learning. And play builds connections. This is what childhood is all about! The way in which your child plays, their interests, and how they connect with others represent who they are at this moment. As a photographer, this is what I want to capture! Let's document who your child and family are now through the context of play and through your interactions with each other. These moments mean everything!


What does your child love to do right now? What are his or her favorite toys and games? What really makes your child laugh? What does he or she focus most on? What special stuffed animals or loves does she or he sleep with every night? Documenting these little moments will create lasting memories and a living history for your child and family.


activities together

Home is such an integral part of a family. Documenting everyday moments at home can be truly special and there is so much beauty that can be found within play and interactions. What activities do you love participating in together? When is your child most engaged? What do you love to do with your child at home?


adventures together

Adventures as a family can strengthen bonds and provide so many new opportunities for your child to play and discover. Where do you like to go as a family? What adventures do you enjoy most together? What places does your child love to visit and why? These can be wonderful places to capture some family photos.

ways we will support play and engagement during our shoots | 

Children are happiest when free to play and explore, so I want to be sure to provide ample opportunities for this during our photo sessions whether at home or on location. This also provides moments to capture a wider range of emotions children readily display, such as happiness, surprise, silliness, pride, curiosity, excitement, uncertainty, etc.

  • Let your children be themselves. Remember, I'm an educator, and have worked with all types of children over many years. It's fine if your child becomes over-excited or has a lot of energy to burn. We will find a creative way to channel that energy and capture some fun moments! Think movement shots! Some children are more cautious with new people and that's ok too. I'll learn about your children before our shoot and will work hard to make sure your child or children are comfortable and feel at ease with me. After all, the goal is for everyone to have fun! And nothing is sweeter than cozy shots with mom or dad if your child needs a little extra comfort.
  • We will follow your child's lead. While we will have some structure to our shoot, I also want your child to know that he or she has the freedom to play and explore. There is so much beauty in capturing these authentic moments of childhood.
  • Everyone has to be willing to play! If you are silly, playful, and comfortable, your child will be as well. And many connections will follow! Your children feel what you feel, so model what you want from your child. Plus your child or children will love this - a special time where the entire family is playing together whether at home or on location!

We are never more fully alive, more completely ourselves, or more deeply engrossed in anything than when we are playing.
— Charles Schaefer