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we want to book, what are the next steps?

Great! Let's connect and we will determine a date that fits your schedule! Once booked, you will receive a welcome guide to get you started thinking about your session, because each session is unique and driven by who your family is!  Prior to your session date you will receive a detailed questionnaire to help me get to know you even better so that we can document moments and memories unique to your family. We will also schedule a follow up phone consultation so that I can answer questions and finalize a plan with you prior to your shoot. A few days before your session, you'll receive an individualized session plan that will outline our photographic journey together so that when the day arrives you can all just relax and HAVE FUN! And we can capture you!

what should we expect during the session?

Expect to have fun and be relaxed! We are going to take natural, everyday photos that represent you as a family. This naturally helps people feel more comfortable and you may even forget I'm there at times! I'll mostly guide you to just "be" with your children and may shift you around a bit to enhance lighting or connections. We'll organize some fun and simple family activities to get everyone engaged and to capture some candid shots. My teaching background comes in handy for creating playful, engaging situations with your children to get those natural smiles! But smiles are also only one part of your child and our goal is to capture the essence of who your children are and how you are together through your everyday interactions. Remember, I'm also a mother and a teacher, so I totally understand children's nature. While I have shots I'll want to be sure to capture, I'm also flexible and will follow your children's lead, especially your youngest! The most important thing is to keep your children engaged and to keep everyone present!

what time will the shoot occur?

In home sessions are generally scheduled at 10am, but I can be flexible if needed. I want to be sensitive to nap schedules, etc. so that your children are at their best. For outdoor locations, I generally plan for late afternoon or early evening, so that we can capture the most optimal light! 

how long will the shoot take?

Though I provide session estimates, I understand the nature of children and want to ensure that I am getting shots that represent your family. I want you to be happy and want to provide an amazing and varied gallery of images for you. That said, I can be a little flexible with time as long as everyone is hanging in there with me. But just in case, be prepared with favorite snacks, toys, etc. We want to keep the session a positive experience for everyone! I want you to look back at your photos with a feeling of joy, love, and nostalgia.

what should we wear? 

First and foremost, be comfortable and wear something that reflects who you are! It's best to coordinate instead of matching as that can become distracting and take away from your photos. Try to focus on complimentary tones, beautiful texture, and simplicity. Think muted pastels or bold colors, but avoid logos or very bright neon colors. I want to keep the focus on you and keep your photos timeless! But be you and set the tone for your photos with what feels right for you! This will shine through more than anything. Sometimes it works best to start with one outfit and build from there. We will discuss this in more detail during our pre-consultation and your individualized session plan. But just be yourselves and everyone will feel more relaxed!

how do we prep our house for indoor shoots? 

While you may want your house to look tidy for photos, you still want it to look like your home. We will mostly shoot in the rooms with the best light, so if you clean up rooms focus on those. But really, we are capturing your life so don't go crazy. I may move things as needed and I may need to stand on furniture for the perfect shot (I'm short!), but we want your home to look like your home. And keep your children's favorite toys and lovies around. We want them to feel comfortable and we want to document those things, too!

how do we prep our children for the shoot? 

Don't! Just explain a friend is coming to play and maybe take some photos. And, believe me, we will give your child or children a chance to play! If you feel comfortable, they will feel comfortable. So relax and remember that I'm an early childhood educator who loves children! I'm not phased by anything and will strive to capture who your child is.

how much do you edit photos?

I will provide fully edited digital images for you to view, download, and share. While I take pride in my craft and want to create beautiful and meaningful images for you, I won't be making major changes in photoshop since our goal is to create natural and authentic photos. I'll remove little blemishes and polish things up a little, but I want your photos to represent you and not a highly photoshopped version of you!

do you use props?

Generally I don't use props but if there is something that is very meaningful to you, let's discuss it and see if we can find a way to work it in naturally.

what is included in the price?

Our pre-plannng, your individualized session plan, our session together, and your online gallery are part of an all-inclusive package. I set it up this way to keep it simple for you and so that you don't have to pick and choose which photos you want. I will provide a wide selection of images for you that reflect a variety of shots. I will make them available to you in your personalized and private online gallery. Please check session info for specifics on the package you are selecting. I will provide printing suggestions for you, but once you download your files they are yours to keep forever.  So download, share, and store in a safe place!

what happens if we are sick, need to reschedule, or cancel?

You may reschedule once if you notify me at least 48 hours in advance. We can transfer the session payment to a new date as long as it is within 6 weeks of the original booked date. This does not include rescheduling due to weather (rain, extreme cold) or a conflict out of my control. If I'm sick, I will also reschedule because I would never want to expose your family, especially newborns! In the event of session cancellation for any reason (other than weather), the retainer will not be refunded.  If you cancel, all retainers paid are not refundable.

who retains copyright of our photos?

While I retain copyrights to all images, I encourage to share with others! Providing a gallery of downloadable files makes this easier for you. I simply ask that you please credit Sara Pietras Photography when sharing images.