Moving and Creating New Memories | San Francisco Family Photographer

It’s the season of moving! So many friends are moving and starting fresh either in a new home or new city altogether. It’s been almost a year since we decided to take the leap and transition from San Francisco to Oakland. Not far, but still moving with small kids is never an easy task! And I remember the desire to capture EVERYTHING before we moved! 

I was thrilled when my friend asked me to set up a family session so that they could capture their own special memories in their first home as a family before the big move. I remember, all too well, those raw emotions - the excitement of new adventures intermingled with the sadness of leaving the home your brought your babies to from the hospital. Even more emotional when when moving to a new town! So we set out to document favorite family activities and Bernal Hill in San Francisco, where they spent a lot of time together as a family.

This adorable family is so sweet together that when I asked if anyone loved tickles the magic happened. Laughter, sweet smiles, and genuine connection - all made for some fun and meaningful memories captured.

No home session goes without activities to keep everyone engaged! So, we spent some time focusing on familiar and fun activities they wanted to remember such as playing music together and moments in the bedroom shared by the kiddos. They played guitar and sang songs, played restaurant, blew bubbles together, and we captured some solitary moments too. The educator in me is always drawn to what children are inspired by and I love those moments where a child can really be themselves  - demonstrating a full range of emotions.

And Bernal Hill could not be forgotten, a place this family spent so much time - hiking, running, exploring, and playing. A short walk from their house and they had a view of all of San Francisco and beyond, such a treasure. 

To me this photo means so much. Mom wanted a view of the city and what better way than to capture their love than a moment of reflection while looking out upon the city where their beautiful family began. So many wonderful memories for them in San Francisco, but so many new and exciting adventures to follow!